Web Development: The Most Popular Trends in 2021

Web Development Trends Every Decision-Maker Should Know About in 2021

Web development standards annually change to a greater or lesser degree. Businesses should know them to enhance their expertise and stay competitive in an ever-expanding market.

For you to get acknowledged with significant web development trends, we’ve prepared this post.

Progressive Web Applications

People use smartphones more than laptops, tablets, and other devices: according to stats, the mobile market share is the biggest (54.61%) compared to other gadgets. Make the web products comfortable for end-users, considering this fact. That’s why you should hire front end web developer (as well as the backend one) for building progressive web apps (PWAs).

PWA is a website that combines traditional site features and ones previously available only in native apps (like offline or hardware access, push notifications, etc.) Following the PWA trend makes website use more comfortable, speeding it up and improving customer experience.

PWA samples: Twitter and Alaska Airlines

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is one of the leading web technologies created 6 years ago by Google. It was designed to maintain the creation of websites that work flawlessly and load quickly via mobile devices. AMP web pages take about 2 seconds to load compared to non-AMP ones, which load time is up to 22 seconds.

AMP landing pages vs. regular ones

Google loves fast-loading sites. That’s why AMP is a perfect match for SEO boosting a site’s visibility and helping it rank higher in search results. To implement such a trend in your website, you can choose AMP HTML open framework from Google, learn its documentation and start working.

Responsive Websites

Due to mobile smartphones’ overwhelming popularity above all other devices, Google plans to implement mobile-first indexing, obligatory for websites. That implies the ranking of a website will be determined by how effectively it is adapted for mobile devices.

That’s why, developing web products, you should pay attention not only to the latest trends, but also consider existing ones, such as responsive sites, suitable for every gadget.

Voice Search Optimization

According to Gartner, by the 2021 year-end, more than 30% of all searches will be conducted without screen use. Voice search optimization is an essential web development trend that should be incorporated into your SEO and business strategy as soon as possible. 
To work with voice data, you may use the Web Speech API containing voice recognition (distinguishing your speech context, replying to questions) and speech synthesis (enabling scripts to read text), necessary for voice search optimization.

API-First Development

According to current site development trends, web products must be well-prepared for integration with other systems and applications. It’s not surprising, due to the growing number of mobile phones, wearables, and other gadgets that need to be connected to one another. This is where the trend toward API-first development originates from. 

API-first building workflow is quick and simultaneous, so one staff member doesn’t have to wait for another to finish their job. To properly organize such a development process, you can use the following tools as API Blueprint or Swagger.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are used in web apps to send various types of information to end-users (e.g., new blog posts, clothing you liked back in stock, etc.) This provides companies with extra options to engage with their target audience as well as more marketing opportunities.

This option is achievable without registering or providing credentials (e.g., an email address). To implement it for a web product, you can choose ZoPush, OneSignal, or PushEngage.

AI-Based Chatbots

Over the last few years, web development trends have shifted to automated, real-time client assistance. For this aim, chatbots with AI and machine learning have shown to be a worthwhile long-term investment. They may answer questions, connect with the appropriate human customer service representative, take orders, and so on. 

According to various surveys, the customers would use chatbots to receive rapid responses in an emergency, resolve a complaint, etc. To build an AI-based chatbot, you can apply to one of the open-source bot-developing tools, such as Facebook Bot Engine, Dialogflow, or Microsoft Bot Framework.

Motion UI

Every product aspires to be as appealing and engaging as possible. The Motion UI library is a great way to draw in users with stunning animations, capable of brightening up design components. It’s versatile enough to operate with any JS framework, making it a good fit for a variety of use cases.

Motion UI capabilities sample

Bottom Line

It is essential to build an innovative web product considering all the most popular tech trends. Some of them were listed above for your inspiration. To know more, you should apply to competent IT professionals. They’ll consult you about the web standards you should implement and choose the most appropriate tech stack to build a flexible, modern and profitable solution for your business.