Voice search optimization- the future of seo

Voice Search Optimization – The Future of SEO

Voice search user interfaces have been on the rise for the past few years. Giant tech companies are on the run to develop devices that blend in with this web development trend. Back in 2012, when voice search was established, it was meant to play a mere role of a native application. Apparently, this trend has advanced tremendously to become the most used medium by internet users. According to statistics, about 40% of smartphone owners use voice search once a day. The invention of this new trend has compelled SEO strategists and content marketers to conduct in-depth researches for exclusive keywords that can be speedily detected by search engine bots.

What is voice search SEO?

Voice search allows users to utter commands rather than typing what they want to research in the search engines. This microphone feature is found on both desktops and mobile devices. Its operation entails clicking on the microphone and enunciating a command. Besides, we can all attest that we do not speak the same way we type our searches. Our speech tends to be more precise and detailed compared to our writings.

For instance, an individual may be looking for a coffee brand for his restaurant. He will write “Coffee brands for my restaurant on the search typing bar,” but he will utter a more precise statement or query when using the voice search, when using voice search, such as, “What is the best coffee brand to consider for my vegan restaurant?”

See the difference? Now we understand why voice search optimization is gaining popularity and not going away any time soon.

The 2021 digital voice search trends

1. Voice search is used for local business searches.

Voice search has been used to find local business services over the years. Most of the time, consumers use mobile devices; since they are always accessible, search ‘near me’ services. Google recorded a 53% increase in searches related to finding local enterprises amongst internet users. The rapid rise in sales of local markets is partly associated with voice search optimization. This has also encouraged local marketers to boost their product qualities, considering people living around their operation areas depend on them for fast, reliable, and accessible services.

2. Smart speakers as driving voice search adoption

Currently, over 100 million people use smart speakers to find their searches. Siri, developed by the Apple Company, has been the leading smart speaker for ages. According to statistics, it is still the trendiest smart speaker globally, accounting for 45% of the users operating with smart speakers. Google voice search, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa are among the other giant developers of most used smart speakers. Content marketers strive to use elite keywords for their organizations to optimize their websites for voice search. The development and sale of smart speakers will keep rising proportionally to people using voice search medium.

3. Improvement of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI)

The robust advancements in ML and AI have boosted the synergy between users and internet devices. A clear paradigm of AI innovation by Google is RankBrain. It is programmed to perceive commands and portend precise results. When a user utters a relatively new phrase, RankBrain makes the nearest guess and appropriately gives its results.

The impact of voice search on SEO

If you plan on starting a business or website, ensure your strategy considers and applies Voice SEO. This will attract more customers to view your collections and ultimately boost sales. Google Assistant is 95% optimized for voice recognition searches. iFlytek Company in China is also working on a voice recognition system that has proven to be 98% accurate in its searches. Besides, Voice search is now feasible in many languages and allows input of long keywords as intended by a user.

Bottom line

Voice SEO is gaining popularity rapidly. To have a successful business website, ensure your content is voice-search optimized. This will increase your website visitors and boost your organization’s sales. The steady growth of voice search is opening competitive market opportunities for businesses to yield. To stay ahead of all your competitors, it is important to keep a trail of the latest web development trends and meet the demand. Ensure you use appropriate keywords and colloquial language to compete for your spot in the marketing sector.