Top 10 spectacular web design trends for 2021

Top 10 spectacular web design trends for 2021

2020 was appalling. The Covid-19 pandemic hit so hard that our objective was to make it through the year alive. Development of many sectors was hitched, and some sectors even halted for a while to minimize transmission. Meanwhile, web developers did not stop working round the clock to learn new skills and develop stunning web trends. 2021 is going to be the unveiling year for the trends developed and improved underwater. Most of the developers have worked on bringing the aspect of realism in their designs. Let look at the top web design trends.

1. Parallax animation

Parallax is a physical concept that means illusion, whereby an individual views an object near him to move fast than an object far from him. Designers use this concept to remodel the backgrounds and foregrounds of a computer to make images more real. Care should be taken when using parallax animation since it could cause dizziness to people with vestibular disorders. It should be used so much that it distracts users from the important information they seek.

3D landing page by Minh Pham

2. Abstract shapes for web design

The incorporation of diagonals, lines, and abstruse shapes in brand designs has become normal these days. The introduction of abstract graphics fascinates users to explore more about a brand. It also helps brands to be unique in the market. A developer can consider meshing squares, circles, triangles, ovals, and all kinds of shapes but develop an explicit brand design that wins over customers. 

Landing Page – Paulini by Outcrowd

3. Gradient color schemes

The color of a website is the first feature that pulls users to a website. Revamping a website from a conventional page to an elite craft requires a lot of creativity. Gradient colors have risen in popularity in establishing websites. A webpage like ColorSpace has incorporated this trend, and the results are spectacular. 

DSM by UI8

4. Hero video headers

These are display visual features located at the top of a design framework. A developer can choose to develop a hero video header using existing imagery or create completely new imagery that is distinct and jut. Making the correct forms of hero headers attracts traffic to a website.

HQBC by Art4web

5. Horizontal Scrolling

Navigation of one page to another is very significant for interaction between users and the website. The most rampant form of scrolling is the vertical way, which entails scrolling downwards. Horizontal scrolling entails scrolling left to right of a webpage on the screen of a device. It is not a common trend due to its high interaction cost, and, let us be frank, everyone is used to the standard vertical scrolling. It is most efficient when viewing images that are wide on a website.

Lewis Studio – Horizontal Parallax Scrolling by Logan Cee

6. 3D visuals

We can term 3D visuals as an advanced feature. It will take a creative developer to incorporate 3D designs into a website. But the moment it is used in a design, the results are stunning. Some organizations have created 3D designs to market their brands in e-commerce stores. Developing 3D visuals is quite time-consuming and hence very expensive.

3D Visuals by FiftySeven

7. Dark mode

Many websites have incorporated dark mode as one of their settings. Users are allowed to navigate between the light and dark mode when browsing a website. For those who have used this feature, we can attest that it is appealing and convenient for use all the time.  

Exploration Smart Home – Dark Mode by One Week Wonders

8. Asymmetric layouts

When laying a design on a blank page, there are two approaches to layouts. These are the symmetry and asymmetry approaches. The asymmetry approach has been overseen by many developers, not considering that it can bring a fresh and dynamic display to a platform. Blending between the symmetry and asymmetry approaches can maintain an impression of balance by intersecting grids and blocks to bring about a lively website.

Field by Dasha Silchenko

9. Collage Art for images

This trend existed in the past, but its use has peaked over the past few years. Remember when we used to cut sections of different images and combine them to form one? That is what college art does for us, but automatically. Developers can combine images of their preferences into one image to ease the browsing of users on websites.

Landing for Tale by mono

10. Gradients 2.0

Popular social platforms such as Instagram, Spotify, and Facebook have employed the gradient trend to boost their brands. These sites have managed to build exclusive and exhilarating designs and content to maintain a fresh look for their brand all the time. A good gradient design can be achieved by including different shapes for the color fills and deciding on an appropriate gradient that may suit the shape selected.

Style Expedition by Maja Bjeletic


It will be a fascinating year with all the new trends that are going to be established. As the web evolves, organizations are encouraged to ensure they are up to date in all aspects to improve their customer user interfaces. These trends might overlap the existing web frameworks and yield better results. These trends may also open up loopholes for the development of better trends in the future.