Top 10 React JS Useful UI and Component libraries/frameworks

Top 10 React JS Useful UI and Component libraries/frameworks

React JS is a JavaScript library used to develop dynamic user interfaces and UI units powered by Facebook. Compared to Angular JS, React is less complex and has one structural View layer. It is easier to build an interface within a short time span with React JS
Let’s take a look at the Top 10 React JS useful UI and component libraries/frameworks.

1. Material-UI

React components for quicker and easier App development. Build your own style system, or begin with Material-UI style. If you plan to build an App in React JS with fewer design efforts, I would suggest you use the Material-UI. It has a lot of UI components. You can also purchase the premium Material UI themes for the React App.


2. Chakra-UI

Chakra UI may be an easy, standard, and accessible library that provides you the building blocks you wish to create your React applications.


3. Semantic-UI React

Semantic UI React provides React components, whereas Semantic UI provides themes as CSS stylesheets. Install the React components and select a topic that suits your desires.

Semantic UI React is fully compatible with create-react-app and works out the box, and all modern JavaScript bundlers fully support this. Semantic UI React is also fully supported by Webpack 4, and this includes several optimizations in production mode, such as stripping propTypes from your build.

semantic-ui react

4. UI-Playbook

UI-Playbook has lots of new React UI components, and these components are well documented. UI-Playbook components are built with the latest web-trends; add in your React-App to save development efforts.

UI Playbook

5. Grommet

The grommet is a React-based framework with accessibility, modularity, responsiveness, and themes in a tidy package. It has lots of new features like powerful theming tools, layout flexibility, and many more. The grommet is used by some of the large companies like NETFLIX, UBER, GitHub, SAMSUNG, HP, SONY, IBM, and Shopify.


6. React Admin

The react-Admin framework is primarily for building admin applications that run in the browser. These browser apps are based on REST/GraphQL APIs. React-Admin also supports ES6 and Material Design. React-Admin is Open sourced and maintained by marmalade. It has over 15k+ stars on GitHub, indicating a beneficial framework for the React App.

React Admin

7. Landing Page Template

React Landing page template designed for programmers looking to create a landing page for their open-source projects, Sass products, online services, and many more. maintains it.

React landing page template

8. Blueprint JS

Blueprint is a React-based UI components-kit for web apps. It is well documented and optimized for creating complex desktop apps that run in modern browsers. It also supports the IE11 browser. Blueprint has over 15k stars on Github, and it’s being downloaded over 100k/week on NPM. Blueprint is one of the fastest-growing UI components libraries in 2020.

If you are developing a large react application that needs to deal with lots of data and flexibility, I would consider using Blueprint in your app.

blueprint - React-based UI toolkit

9. Shards React

Shards React comes with dozens of custom components with high-quality modern design. It provides support for the Material design and Fontawesome Icons set.

Shards React

10. Vercel UI

Vercel React is a very concise and elegant framework, which is the biggest reason for the popularity of Vercel. You can easily integrate the Vercel into your project.

vercel ui


There are many frameworks/libraries available, but It depends on you what framework/library you use in your project. Always take the wise decision and do some research to get some idea, what framework/library fits in your project.
Cheers!! Happy coding ­čÖé