Programming Languages That Will Shape The Future

The brisk evolution of technology is baffling. It has become a norm every year for innovations to outpace existing innovations and perform exhilaratingly well in the markets. For instance, over 750 programming languages have been developed in the IT industry in the past decade. But the real debate about which programming language can remain pertinent in the Tech world without being outwitted by other upcoming languages in the field. Python, Javascript, and Java have maintained the lead over the years, with their pros outweighing their cons when in use, compared to the other programming languages. Let’s take a look at the top programming languages to learn and use to shape the future.

1. Python

Python has been exalted overtime for being the simplest Programming language, friendly to beginners, and easy to use for complex tasks such as web and software development. Its recognition has increased over the years, and by the 2019 index, its use had increased by up to 15%. Python is used by Google, Instagram, Reddit, Spotify, Quora, YouTube, among others. The fact that it is used by most of the big websites clearly depicts that it is a reliable language. The most common con of Python is that it is slow and requires a lot of patience to use. Apart from that, it is has the best performance index compared to other languages. Python will keep improving and creating more web development opportunities.  

2. Javascript

JavaScript is the most diverse programming language. It has frameworks with are friendly to beginners and experienced web developers. Any device can be coded in Javascript. Most developers use this language to solve technical problems. It has two major frameworks, namely, React JS and Angular JS. React framework is easy to work with and delivers data for users faster. Angular JS works under the MVC principle (Model-View-Controller) to create user interfaces. JavaScript has existed for many years and is still in use, with its modes of operation getting better with time. Big firms like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Facebook, and Instagram use JavaScript up to date. 

3. Java

This is the most used programming language. Let’s say that in every firm, there at least one program operated using Java. It is used in Android apps, WebPages, databases, and games. Web developers like to use this language because it runs various mini-programs within websites that are accessible to users. Almost every year, Java updates its databases and brings up new versions that have better operations opening up more web developers’ applications. By 2019 December, Oracle indicated that there are over 10 million users of this program. Over 95% of desktops plus about 2.9 billion mobile devices around the world are programmed using Java. This is a clear indication that with time, more is expected to come from Java

4. Swift

Swift was developed in mid-2014 by Apple Company to replace Objective C. This programming language is unique since it only runs on iOS devices. It has grown over the years, with it portraying promising benefits in the future. It is used to develop iOS applications and programs. The purchase of iOS devices has increased almost threefold compare to early 2015. Most businesses, especially in America and the United Kingdom, use iOS devices meaning the use of Swift shall seeming increase as years go by. The language is easy to learn and write hence beginner-friendly. 

5. Kotlin

This language has been developed as an alternative to Java. It has been used to develop Android applications and programs and has shown promising results for future applications that will use it. Its operation is quite similar to that of Swift. It is developing at a speedy rate and seemingly might overtake Java in the market. Pinterest and Expedia are some of the firms using this language, and we can clearly see good results from its operation. With time, this language keeps developing and is something to watch out for in the future. 

6. C++

This language has existed for about forty years and is a real founder of programming. As much as other upcoming languages have been developed, the pros of C++ still outwit most of them. It is used in blockchain firms such as Ripple, Monero, and Stellar. Some of the pros of using C++ include: it is fast and has an impressive management performance. The upcoming languages have not scaled enough to reach the C++ level.

7. GO

Golang was established in 2007 and is largely known for its simplicity in operation. Google developed it to run web applications. It is an upcoming language in the market that is not familiar to many people but is largely used by websites such as Uber and Dropbox

8. TypeScript

This language is quite similar to JavaScript. A survey was conducted among web developers in the world on their preference between JavaScript and Typescript. 60% of the web developers indicated that they preferred Typescript before leading languages such as Java and Python. It is an upcoming language and will be among the lead programming languages within the next few years.

9. Julia

Julia is a new language in the web development field. It was developed by a group of web researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to operate in small based enterprises. Since its establishment, some firms have opted to use this language because of its simplicity in operation. It requires some background information and hence is not very beginner-friendly. Jupyter Notebook is one of the applications that use Julia.

10. Scala

The first version of Scala was released in 2003 for both functional and object-oriented programming. Having basics from Java, C++, and Python will make it easier for developers to operate with this language. It has been used by applications such as Apple, Netflix, Walmart, and Autodesk. Knowledge of Scala boosts and an individual chance of securing jobs in the web development field. It is an upcoming language and might become better than Java.  


There are other programming languages such as Solidity, C, and PHP, which are scaling fast and watch in the future. In this age, web security and functionality speed are important aspects web developers consider before using a language to code an application. An individual considers the extent to which the advantages of a language outweigh its defects. Also, a developer considers the performance of apps that have been developed by the language he wants to use. Every programming language firm wants to be considered as the best as time goes by. Perfection is what all of them are striving to achieve.