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Motion UI (2021): The Future Trend of Web Development

Fonts, colors, icons, and visual cues are the first elements users notice when visiting a website interface. The blending of features on the frontend interface fascinates the eyes of website visitors at first sight. These minor details embolden users to keep scrolling to the last page of a website’s interface

Creating an elite design is essential for a website. An appealing design can build a rapport between a user and website owner before even actual interaction. Before the invention of Motion UI, the static design was used to design websites.

What is Motion UI?

Motion UI is a frontend web development trend that enlightens and creates grandeur on the web. This trend combines videos, 3D figures, shapes, lines, and all forms of imagery to create lively animations and transitions meant to deliver instruction or a message to the users. 

Uses of Motion UI

1. Transitions

Motion UI enables users to comprehend a shift between two instructions or elements of a website. These transitions flow like movie scenes and allow users to connect information from one point to another. They are used to divert a user’s attention as one drift from one feature to another.

2. Animations

Animations are for in-depth illustrations of the subject selected by a user. For instance, in making tutorials, web developers tend to create virtual cues to guide users step by step without losing track of the subject. Motion UI also allows the creation of animations for numerous elements meant for a particular series.

3. Responsive Gestures

Users tend to choose websites with instant responses that address their concerns. Adding responsive animations to a website builds an ‘interactive‘ atmosphere between internet users and the web developer. In most cases, when users do not find instant answers, they flicker the Webpages and consider other options.

Applications of Motion UI

1. Welcoming users

When users download applications or open a webpage, the first image, video, or animation on their devices’ screens gives them an ultimate impression. Creating a good design with warm words makes a decent appearance and propels individuals to use the website often. It applies to mobile devices, desktops, billboards, and televisions. Web developers have been keen to establish entertaining Motion UIs when they expect their WebPages to take some time to open. It gives users something fascinates while loading the pages. For instance, who can skip the flying elephant when loading the Kilimall online store Webpage?

2. Inform users about actions

Motion UI features are more of path-leaders in a website. For instance, when a user downloads a new application, illustrations and paradigms should showcase how it works with instructions. Providing phrases only to explain the process of operation of the website will drive them away. Some words might be too complex to comprehend, or actually, the user doesn’t like reading instructions. Blending some videos and animations with instructions helps users to remain attentive to the website or application subject.

3. Confirm activities before taking action

Some activities on websites are irreversible. Actions such as deletion of information and clicking on links that have viruses are inevitable. For instance, if a user is sending a mail and accidentally sends it to the wrong recipient, the process cannot be undone. Motion UI features such as animations enable users to verify an action before the device executes it. They prevent users from making errs by making those buttons to be more distinct than the standard texts.

4. Feedback loop

Internet users prefer websites and applications that render feedback since they expound their experiences on the site. For instance, when users log into a website like PayPal, they tend to inquire about the password. If the individual inputs a wrong password, and animated text flashed to alarm the user of the error. The feature makes it easier for the user to detect the error and correct it instantly. The Motion UI features appear on the lock screens of devices as notifications from the respective websites.


Motion UI is the new big thing in the web development sector. It was invented in 2018, and its use is now gaining popularity among websites. It has provided an excellent user experience and expounded on the features of websites and applications. It is estimated that 99% of websites will be using Motion UI in their designs and templates within the next few years.

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