Data Science

Data Science – The Game Changer

In a world whose technology is evolving speedily, data has become a great revolution of the Tech industry. Vast innovations requiring factual decisions are generated daily. Each innovation has to be made by analyzing and scrutinizing unprocessed data into beneficial solutions. Though unexplored by many, data science has become the mastermind of generating automated solutions that run the entire technical world. We have witnessed solutions in the Tech market becoming archaic and apparently being outwitted by upcoming solutions. A data scientist should aim to deliver penitent solutions that will remain viable for a long time. Let us take a look at how data science has become the real game-changer in all aspects of our lives.

1. Marketing Sector

Most industries use data science innovations to access their marketing strategies and monitor their sales. These innovations have allowed firms to create marketing ads for their products and, in some cases, secured them partnerships with bigger associations in the market. Big companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart allow customers to order products online without the hustle of traveling to the stores to purchase the products themselves. After delivery, customers are requested to give their feedback on the performance of the products. Companies use this feedbacks to monitor the health of their businesses. After assessing customers’ responses, the firms are then able to make informed decisions that may enable them to boost their sales and help them maintain good performance in the market.

2. Learning sector

Many learning institutions have incorporated data science skills in their school curriculums. Teachers can access and monitor the performance of their students easily and give timely feedback. These data platforms allow teachers to connect with students personally and allow each student to participate equally in matters involving their academics.

Learning has been largely hitched during this Coronavirus pandemic period. Due to the fast transmission of person to person, schools were closed indefinitely till a solution is developed. Apparently, the pandemic has not ceased. People have to learn. Many schools have adopted the online learning model, which is working pretty well with impressive results.

 In some cases, teachers are expected to collect information from many students within a short time. Innovation from data science has made it possible to create online platforms with multiple choice questions and deadlines, hastening data collection.

3. Healthcare sector

Data science innovations have made it easy for doctors to collect information from the human body. Medical devices are programmed to extract data such as sugar and cholesterol levels, heartbeat rates, blood pressure, anxiety levels, and a person’s mental activity.

Researchers conduct experiments using scientific methods to develop cures for diseases such as cancer and viral infections; for instance, a vaccine to curb this Coronavirus pandemic. The experiments are regulated by data science techniques to avoid any leak of an infectious bacterium, protozoa, or virus from the laboratories, which can be disastrous to humanity and nature.

Medical machines used in intensive care units (ICU), theatres, and high-dependency units (HDU) are programmed to support lives in critical conditions by regulating the amount of oxygen supplied to the patients and monitoring their pulse rate and blood pressure.

4. Social media sector

Applications and sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp have maintained the lead in being the fastest modes of relaying information to many people at once. Their activities are all governed by the basics of data science. Websites such as Google, Bing, and Firefox all base their operations on innovations from data science. Most of these sites are created and operated using Python and JavaScript programming languages, which are basic data science basics. Social media can also be a channel of marketing and receiving feedback from customers about a brand or a product marketed by a firm. An individual could use algorithms to enable him to identify topics that are discussed by a group of people. It could be an issue that could be solved by the innovation at hand.

In a nutshell, every industry in the world, ranging from production to distribution, requires incorporating at least an aspect of data science. Innovations arise with better forms of technology, implying that data science will keep developing and becoming better.

Data Science is really a game-changer in the world today.