Big Data Analytics OR Cloud Computing?

Over the years, there has been a great deliberation on which mode of accessing data is most efficient when making firms decisions and providing enough data for research. Big data analytics has been in use since early 2000 until Cloud computing came into place. Currently, both of these forms of IT technology are in use. Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Dell use the Cloud computing technique. HortonWorks, Cloudera, and Apache are some of the companies that use big data technologies. The big question is, which one is more preferable to use? Or do they need to operate mutually for impressive results? We will see this below.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is an intricate process that involves analyzing a vast amount of data to extract substantial information such as latent patterns, customer choices, and market trends by the use of advanced techniques. On the other hand, cloud computing involves instant access to information and Tech resources directly from the internet without owning the programs with the data in one’s computer. From these definitions, there is an indication that Big data technology can provide a large amount of data that can facilitate efficient research for decision making with servers and programs whereas, Cloud computing can enable storage and facilitate fast networking via the internet without using servers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing requires low maintenance. It lessens the cost of purchasing, configuring, and installing variable expenses as one only pays for the technology as they utilize it. Besides, an individual’s variable expenses are cheaper than when a person purchases the applications and programs. On the other hand, big data is a cost-effective technique that scales out forever. In this case, these two techniques would efficiently work for hand in hand, whereby; manipulation of megabytes and terabytes of data could be effectively done in a cloud environment. In case data from big data is not standardized, cloud computing techniques can standardize the data first and then store it. The cloud computing improves easier accessibility of enough definitive information for people with limited resources.

Most firms have big data enterprises that need to be stored first, then the basic analytics operation. Over time, the firm’s data increases, and techniques that can siphon and analyze standardized data are then required. This brings the necessity of establishing better methods and servers to be used to analyze the data. This is where the cloud computing technique chips in. Loads of data could be stored in the cloud. This shows how these two techniques can work concurrently to provide service to firms with many data to store.

These two techniques have different modes of operation. For instance, if an individual requires data urgently, he might opt for the cloud computing technique since the information is readily recorded on the internet and accessed instantly. The big data technique might not be the best idea for him to use since it would require him to obtain a huge set of data then extracting the required data slowly, which could take some time. The Cloud Computing technique’s main objective is to relay computer services and the less available resources to everyone with the help of an internet connection. On the other hand, the big data technique aims to aid in solving complex issues. Services delivered by the cloud computing technique are Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Big data characteristic services include: Volume- one obtains vast data to extract what he requires, Variety- data available is derived from all formats, and Velocity-data extracted is derived at exceptional speeds and needs to be handled promptly.


My opinion, in a nutshell, is that big data and cloud computing techniques are both important. For instance, if we have only the big data analytics techniques, we will have megabytes of data stored safely with only a few who can access it. Analyzing the non-filtered information using our desktops would be difficult and almost absurd. Incorporating the cloud computing technique has helped to standardize the information enabling all people to access relevant information as per their research. Big data has played a huge role in establishing cloud applications, that there would be very few of those applications without it.