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FrontEndGurus Company seeks to provide competent web development to individuals who wish to establish a web development career path. 

We are looking for new members to join our web development community of contributors as technical content writers. Feel free to join us today!!

We are looking for:

  • An enthusiastic technical content writer who will work with our professionals and Web developers to develop articles that expound on complex topics in a precise manner.
  • An individual who owns a website or is part of a writing team as Guest or Medium writer.
  • A writer who is proficient and has past experience in the IT sector and can impart basic knowledge on web development to our new users via the articles.

Before you join our team, here are our guidelines:

  • You are only administering your know-how about web development to users and not merchandising your writing service to our users.
  • Our editorial team has a right to delete back-links without asking for a permit from you.
  • Once you are part of the team, you should not accept payment from any third party for any solution you offer on the FrontEndGurus platform.
  • Plagiarized writings from other websites will not be accepted on our platform. 
  • To be recognized by our team as an active contributor, you must submit at least one article or update per week.


  • Articles based on the latest web and web development trends that will update our users on the IT sector’s latest operations.
  • The writings you provide are meant for beginners and experts on their web development career path journey. Please make sure they are easy to comprehend and have an interpretable flow of ideas.
  • In case you fetch part of your information from another website, ensure you include links to ensure our users also access the other sites. Remember, we do not accept plagiarized information from other platforms.

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