Angular JS OR React JS?

Javascript is one of the programming languages that have maintained a lead when it comes to building applications. Big firms like Google, Microsoft, E-bay, Facebook, and PayPal use Javascript to run their operations. When a developer decides to design an application using Javascript, his framework’s preference is key to establishing impressive app performance. React JS and Angular JS are the two most prominent frameworks to choose from when using Javascript. This article will discuss these two frameworks’ pros and cons and establish a preferable choice for building apps. 


Angular JS is an open-source framework used to build dynamic units of databases and WebPages powered by Google. It has three intricate structural layers: Model, View, and Controller (MVC) and is largely used by web developers. This means a Model is created by Angular JS, computed by a Controller, and then converted into HTML that establishes a View for the users. 

React JS is a JavaScript library used to develop dynamic user interfaces and UI units powered by Facebook. Compared to Angular Js, React is less complex and has one structural View layer. It is easier to build an interface within a short time span with React JS

Data Binding

In React JS, data can only be directed in one way. Facebook created an application infrastructure known as Flux that enables data to stream through one central point. This is how it works: the center point known as the Flux dispatcher picks up action and channels it to a store where it is refurbished. The user’s View then changes automatically and relays a message of the refurbished action to the dispatcher to updates it. The working of React JS has allowed a user to operate with updated information instantly.

Data binding in Angular JS operates in two-way. Unlike for React JS, where an update is only made on the View interface, in Angular JS, both the View and Model interfaces get updated. This framework is efficient since developers do not have to trail changes in an interface since they are updated automatically in the model.

Learning curve

For an individual to execute codes using Angular JS, he has to learn several operation concepts such as templates and derivatives, Typescript, decorators, and components, the whole M-V-C concept, and modules. One requires to background study of most of these concepts to use Angular JS.

React JS, on the other hand, has fewer operation concepts since it is an actual library. It uses JavaScript XML; program that allows execution of HTML to JavaScript. An individual must know how to write components, state management using Redux, and manage the internal state. React JS enables web developers to execute one task in many ways.

Application and Use

Angular JS framework is used to develop large scale applications such as video and streaming apps like YouTube, Telegram, and Google due to its detailed nature. On the other hand, React JS is suitable for single paged websites such as PayPal, Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook that require occasional formatting.


As much as both frameworks are significant for web development, React JS is used more in many websites since it does not require a lot of background knowledge for operation. 

The major disadvantage of using Angular is that it has a wide and in-depth learning curve that may not be appealing to beginners in the web development sector. It is also a bit slower when in program operation compared to React JS. React JS has curbed this defect, which is comprehensible for beginners and is a bit first. Besides, React JS is faster, making it effective in handling heavy traffic of data.


In my opinion, both React JS and Angular JS are significant in web development. An individual’s preference depends on background familiarity, the ability to operate a framework, and the program’s ultimate purpose. For a developer who requires an in-depth framework technique for a large scale application, Angular JS will be very effective. Working with React is simpler. With time one will require in-depth knowledge of the codes and eventually learn how to operate with Angular JS.